howmanyspoons: is probably one  of my alltime favourite websites. Why?

Well idk it’s a lot of reasons. When I go there I just feel home, and it’s more than just a website, it’s a community. A community full of lovely, caring, understanding souls struggling with chronic illness just like me. They know. 

I’m so happy it exists. They have lots of lovely features like..just check out their perfect feel-good shop! It contains everything you could wish for, perfect for selfcare or for others to send you on a bad day. (:

I want everything from there. (if i weren’t trying to fund my servicedog already..)

They just post these positive vibes everywhere, making your days suck a little less, making you motivated to keep struggling. They hold giveaways and arange other fun things. 

If that community was a place I’d want to live there. 

Just quoting from their website and you’ll get what I mean


Having a chronic illness (physical or mental) really sucks. I know this.

But, I’m an expert on thriving, and The Pillow Fort is all about sharing that positivity with you.

I ain’t advocating for any healing or recovery nonsense here… I’m just saying I genuinely believe that with a bit of positivity, life can be so much better, even if you can’t shake off those pesky chronic illnesses.

We’ve all got that friend who just moans and complains abouteverything, right? You feel shitty after spending time with them. The Pillow Fort is like that, but in reverse. I’m here to build you up, cheerlead you and push you just a teeny bit further than you think you can go. I don’t allow for wallowing, but I do want plenty of self-care (a much better way to deal with the ‘nope’ days anyway).”

It’s my birthday next week and I’m holding a giveaway on The Pillow Fort! 5 prizes for 5 winners - loads of ways to enter! 

Click here for the giveaway!

Please share widely, everyone likes free things ;)

Lots of colour variations of spoon necklace back in stock at The Pillow Fort!


I have a really exciting Spoonie Living announcement for y’all! When I started on my 6-month medical leave from work, one of my goals was to create a zine for new spoonies, to help them hit the ground running as they begin their chronic illness experience. I’m calling it Chronically Badass, and it’s finally done!

Here’s what I cover inside:

  • Spoon theory
  • Getting answers
  • Working with doctors
  • Work & school
  • Friends & family
  • Reactions
  • Mental health
  • Coping strategies
  • Online communities
  • Mobility

It’s free for download right here (although you’re welcome to donate if you like), so be sure to check it out! Just set the price to $0, and the credit card fields will disappear.

Please also reblog and spread the word so others can find and benefit from this zine.

You know how you wanted the Girl with ALL the Spoons design in more sizes, on more clothes, in more colours? Now you can!

15% off all T-Shirts right now with the code ‘SHIRTS15’!

Please share widely and spread the spoonie love!

Chronic illness can bring your self-esteem dooooown. It sucks. Check out Twisted Sleeve's new ebook, DIY Self-Esteem: How To Start Liking Yourself, it might be just the thing to help you get your confidence back!

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Newbie Stuff

Choosing a Wheelchair (Video)

Hop, Pop, and Jump- #1 #2 #3 (Video)

How To: Talk To Your Doctor (Video)

Practising Wheelchair Wheelies (Video)



Spoon Theory
Spoon Theory/Visual Spoon Theory

But You Don’t Look Sick

Spoonies:The online community for young people living with chronic illnesses.

Coping Skills for the Disabled and/or Chronically Ill

The Pillow Fort

How to modify your home to make it friendlier 
wheelchair ramps that don’t look like wheelchair ramps 

Wheelchair Accessible Home (Video)

Products you might like
My fav on the go pill case

Chronically Badass: A Guide for the young and chronically ill 

Pillow Fort Magazine

New Mobility Magazine 

Wheelchair Accessible Tent 

Clothes Ect
-tips for dressing
-bags backpacks purses

TV Shows/Online Shows/Movies/Books with wheelchair users

My Gimpy Life (Online Show)

Push Girls (TV show)

Push Girl (Book)

X-Men (Movies, TV show, Comics) (Professor Charles Xavier)

Family Guy (TV show) (Joe)

Avatar (Movie)

The Guild (Online show) (Venom)


Wheelchair YogaWorkout 
Self Defence


Hiking Tips / Camping Tips

Service Dog 
DIY Blanket Nest
Use pill cap as pill cup
How to make a comfort box
When to use Heat or Ice
Anxiety & Panic Masterpost

Tip for manual wheelchair users. If feel yourself about to fall backward at any given moment, lift your head and tuck your chin into your chest. Yes, quick reaction may be necessary but this will save your noggin, trust me

Do you have any tips or links that isn’t on this list? Please feel free to leave a message in my Inbox and I will update the list.


Made a new thing which might interest some of you! A facebook group for Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illness! (It’s not linked to The Pillow Fort in any way, just that I happened to make it).

Please join and/or share with anyone you think might be interested!

New on the Blog: Q+As with 2 health coaches who’ve healed from chronic illness!

Ashley Williams and Erin Lindstrom have joined forces to offer Happy, Healthy + Healing - tackling chronic illness with diet and mindset! 




                             ”How to Make Chronic Illness Fun”

Wow. I don’t know what to say. Except, GIMME.

I’m buying myself a Pez dispenser, I’m so excited!

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